Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Knitting: the result is always greater than the sum of its yarn.

Here's the pics I promised!

my first pair of socks!

Jan, dutifully modeling the Butterfly hat described in my last post.
The hat is a wee smaller than anticipated -
but that won't bother my sweet neice Chloe Reese.

my decreases are the shit.

I made another Thorpe for Jan, just because.
Sara is posing the hell out of it, and I'm just doing what comes natural.

Since completing the butterfly hat, I got two more hanks of Malabrigo - the stuff is just that good, people. I don't know what you guys did this Labor day weekend, but I watched all the Harry Potter movies back to back, got two hats started, and finished this sock. The sock is Cascade 220, 60 stitches cast on, size 3 needles. Yeah, this did involve my roommate coming into the living room at 5am on Monday, seeing me turning the heel, getting a drink of water, and going back to bed. This sock represents a lot of ideas/frustrations/realizations I've been having about knitting, and you can bet I'll still be hashing this all out while I work on the sock's mate. Maybe by the time the pair is finished, I'll have figured something out worth sharing.