Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tuesday sucked. Friday rocked!

I came home Tuesday after a plain 'ol stupidly awful day. Only one thing for it:

Beer bread (used Bluegrass Brewing Co. Nut Brown Ale)

The sock is much farther along by now than what is shown above - I'm already past the gussets. I wanted to finish this weekend. I still may, but then, I'm having second thoughts about the kind of toe I put on the first sock, and may end up redoing it. I'll need to decide soon, before its time to do the toe of the second sock.

I'd debated showing a pic of the red and brown striped vest I'm working on - I'd actually thought, "If I don't write about it, it will get done faster. I'll hurry up and finish it, and then write one post about it, instead of a slew of 'not quite there' entries." Eh, here it is - the torso. It was a bit inspired by this vest here; stripes are just cool. I'm using Ann Bud's handy book for the basics. I cheated and did the trunk in the round. I'm using Cascade, a great yarn. I like the colors a lot.

Also, I'm knitting the vest Continental style; that's right, I have expanded my knitjutsu to include this fast, high-economy-of-motion, knitting technique (I've been watching too much Naruto while knitting lately lol). Really, if you are doing stockinette in-the-round, continental is faster, once you get the hang of it.

Tuesday may have sucked, but Friday was awesome. It was... kinda perfect. A rare day. I had Friday off from work, so my coworker L and I went to WFPK's Live lunch to see the Cold War Kids - it was just awesome. We got there early - by a few hours lol - we were the first in line; I knitted on my sock, and L read to pass the time. The show was a great time - I sure hope they come back to Louisville soon! We even got to meet Laura Shine - the best damn DJ in Louisville and a super-nice lady. Afterward, I went to Ear Xtacy, got the new albums from Neko Case and Cold War Kids, and spent the remainder of the day listening to music and knitting. What a day.

Yawn! O man, its bed time.