Saturday, March 28, 2009

Confection perfection

That's right, I finished the Confection, a pattern by Tonya Wagner. It was a fast knit (when I was actually working on it), made of Blue Sky organic cotton (which is some really good stuff). I made the largest size, which took two hanks of the Blue Sky - but I Had a ton left over. I only had to use the second hank to do the last few rows on the back, and add the ribbing around the edge. Soon, it will be in the mail to my friend. I'll see about getting some pics posted of baby Gracie wearing it - that would be Confection perfection, no doubt.

Still working on the copper socks - I'll finish the cuff and heel today - it won't be long now.

Its time I started a larger project; I'll get some input from my comrades at the Nook, and keep you posted. Later - I'm going to rock out with my socks out.

Currently knitting to: Andrea Bocelli - Con te Partiro

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Knit it like you stole it.

I feel like a failure - look at me - one post per month - sad! You deserve better, my readers. The thing is, my knitting right now is really indicative of my life in general - a lot going on, but not a lot getting done. I currently have three projects going (all of which might have been finished weeks ago), and a few ideas of projects I'd like to start - but I'm kinda standing around scratching my head wondering where all the time goes. I've been back into lifting for a few weeks now, and that's cut into my usual amount of free time quite a bit, now that I think about it. Maybe I need to sit down and evaluate my priorities.

First off, the copper socks. I finally finished one of them, and started the second one. I tell you what, the first two inches of an 80 stitch sock take forever. But, once I get past that, it starts rocking.

Secondly, is the Confection baby shrug: this is an extremely fast knit, but I'm just not getting a lot done on it. Forget the excuses - this shrug needs to be off the needles and blocked, and in the mail well before Easter. From now on, I will be knitting it like I stole it. Pun intended.

Third, is the Habitat. I had hoped to finish this before the cold weather was over - as long as there was cold weather, having another hat around couldn't hurt. But the cold weather is over - which rocks so hard - even if the hat isn't finished. Anyhow, for this one I need to follow a chart, which isn't really good for knitting with my comrades at the Nook or when its late at night and I'm feeling kinda wonky - which is when most of my knit action happens. Cold weather or not, I'll finish this one, if only to get my no.8's back.

I don't know about the rest of you, but this weather is freakin' invigorating. Saturday! what a God-send it was... woke up late, started some laundry, finally got the stupid Vista update to take on my computer, ran some scans after that, put the laundry away, then Bill came over, and lo and behold we still had the whole day ahead of us. So, we went to get some lunch, ran some errands, I got a tight haircut, did the grocery shoppin' and then it hit me! What the heck, its only 5:30, its absolutely beautiful outside, and there's 2 whole hours of daylight left! So we hit the park and took a really slow walk; it was crowded - babies, dogs, couples, runners, picnics - someone even had a kite out. We got back to the house, I cooked a pizza dinner, and baked a loaf of home-made bread while we watched the entire first season of Father Ted (which is hilarious), and then I fell asleep with all the windows in the house open. Not too shabby.

Today, I went to Vi's housewarming party. What a pot-luck! I haven't seen the likes in ages - and I'm a Baptist for crying out loud! It was great to sit around with friends, laugh, knock out some solid knitting, and get absolutely gorged on some phenomenal home cooking. Vi really knows how to throw a party. Wish I'd taken pics, but I'm sure somebody did.

I came home after the party and baked four more loaves of bread, while I worked on the Confection. I had no idea bread was so time consuming - but it is totally worth it. I made two whole wheat honey loaves, one molasses, and one maple syrup. Crap, the kitchen is a complete wreck.

I'd rather be knitting than blogging. Until next time - which won't be next month!